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There are some really excellent videos on X theme and Cornerstone.

Here are a few and you can follow the links for more.

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Fixing Cornerstone + Cloudflare related issues

With Thanks to: ALEJANDRO SANCHEZ I’ve been wanting to make this doc for a long time but I’ve been working like crazy lately and haven’t had the chance to write it down until now. I suppose today’s the day so let’s give this a try…

How to move your site around for development

Making coding changes to a live site can never be a good idea. Here is a tutorial explaining how to move a live site to a local environment, to a staging environment and back to the live site after code changes have been tested. WordPress…

Responsive Text

In this Cornerstone Tutorial I explain the much questioned ‘Responsive Text’ feature – and how to use it. With this setting we can make our Headlines not only mobile responsive but responsive for ALL screen sizes with just a couple clicks. We also explain how…

Transition One Image into Another

If you have an “our employees” section on your website and would love to add a little bit of flare, why not integrate a basic image rollover? That’s what we are going to be doing today. I will be using the WordPress and the XTheme…

The Fancy Floating Contact Button

One of the easiest ways to convert a visitor to your page is through a contact page. Unfortunately not all visitors are willing to look around your site for the appropriate link. Why not just make it easier for them with a floating vertical button….

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