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Hey everyone! Over the past few months we have had several requests for the team who created this site to custom design and build website templates using X and Pro. So we’ve decided to add this as an official service.

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  • Martin

    My background is as a strategic manager. I led the development and delivery of sport, leisure, cultural and environmental services in a large local government authority for more than 17 years. I was also Executive Director of the second philharmonic orchestra in the UK and worked with some of the best known classical and contemporary musicians around the world.

    I gained an MBA in the early 1980’s and followed it with a BSc in computer science.

    My primary interest today is as an historian and genealogist. I help people around the world research their family histories and understand the social and local history of the areas their family lived.

    The simple pleasures life has to offer. It is no accident I live close to the historic French town of Cognac. Above all I enjoy the company of interesting people. I love finding solutions to problems.

    Rules and regulations designed to limit creativity with no good reason.

  • Karen

    I have been a web developer and graphic designer for over 20 years. Prior to establishing KC Graphics Ltd, I gained a degree in Commercial Art & Design in New York followed by some years working for agencies in New York, Barbados and the UK. Around 15 years ago, web development took over, and that is now the larger percentage of our work.  My company's reputation is for high-quality, and efficient work and great client communication. Most of our work comes through word of mouth and our clients tend to stay with us for many years. We are always looking for new business partners and interesting projects.

    Pro Theme for ease-of-use, and customisability.  I enoy baking, cooking, and subsequently eating, watching movies, fresh air and hiking in the great outdoors.  Travelling and learning something new every day inspires and enriches my life.  Positive people make my day, and I am eternally grateful for our planet and the universe we live in.  I love winter, cold weather and snow. 

    I do not suffer fools gladly. I hate the word ‘No’. I am not keen on small talk.

  • Donald

    I have been in the web and graphic design business for over 4 years now. I have a degree in Network Systems Administration and HTML and CSS. I love thinking outside of the box and pushing the limits of design and functionality to see what is really possible.

    Prior to opening my own business, I worked at a DJ/Entertainment company as a Production Manager. It was at that company and in that position where I had to teach myself website design because the owner of the company did not want to outsource the project to someone else. I had to do extensive research to find out the best CMS platform that would be best for the company as well as the most easiest one to have people in the company use and update.

    Nice quiet spaces where I can relax and focus.

    Kids at weddings (that poor cake never saw it coming).

  • Dan

    I have been the owner and operator as well as lead project manager for a mid-level development agency for over ten years. We have worked on client projects as well as offered white-label development and project management services to other agencies.

    Before opening the company I worked as a IT consultant and operations manager for several companies on the US east coast. For the past two years we have taken an extensive look into WordPress training, and have utilized X theme and Cornerstone as an easier pathway for business owners to become self-sufficient as an alternative to hiring development firms.

    A good cup of coffee.

    A bad cup of coffee.

  • Rick

    I am the quintessential ‘Jack of all Trades & Master of None’. I’ve done many jobs .. worked at General Motors NZ, as a builder’s labourer, a roofing labourer, I’ve managed a pizza parlour and petrol station, been a barman, telephone sales and more! Now I own and run a motel and backpackers hostel in beautiful New Zealand and enjoy working on the business website …in X Theme of course.

    I enjoy helping people, working with others and people with a sense of humour. Learning about WordPress, the X Theme And Cornerstone is up there too.

    Disrespectful people, fast food and painting.

  • Alexei

    I’m an engineer by education but I’ve been in sales and marketing all my life, a half of which I spent in the US. There I owned an insurance brokerage firm for over 10 years. After returning to Russia I worked as a director of sales for an IT company. It didn’t take me long to figure out that technology was a lot more exciting to me than insurance. I also realized that working for other people was not my forte so I resigned to pursue my new interests. And that’s how I found myself in the great WordPress community where I help people build some of the fastest WP sites on the planet.

    I love people and smiling (you wouldn’t know that from my picture, would you?) And I love work as long as I can learn something new every day. So far it’s been working.

    I don’t like slow sites. In fact, I despise them, don’t we all?

  • Miroslav

    I have a diverse business experience, prior to starting a web dev business. First ten years I have spent in insurance, as a sales director and internal educator. Later I was running a Special Advisory Service, working with foreign investors. Then I have developed and sold a food franchise. All that time, I had a passion for Photography, Graphic design, Photoshop and Web design. I have spent thousands of hours (and counting) mastering SEO, Strategic planning, Conversion optimization, Graphic design, UX/UI design, and web design in general. This knowledge, combined with Executive MBA, my business experience and a scientific approach with the artistic touch, gave me the unique perspective of seeing the world of digital business.

    My work is my hobby. I like CSS puzzles, SEO challenges and Conversion optimization wins. But I also like to travel, I love the Adriatic coast, playing my guitar, composing music, photographing, positive people and of course, the X-theme.

    I don’t like toxic individuals, and I choose not to stay around them. And I don’t like thinking too much about things I don’t like. ?

Themeco, the developers of Pro Theme, X Theme and the Cornerstone pagebuilder plugin, traces its beginnings back to 2010 and the Mandalay Bay rooftop in Vegas, where founders Kyle Wakefield and Scott Marlow had a chance encounter. Development of X began in 2012. The stack concept was the answer to providing what designers wanted and this concept set X Theme apart from other themes on the market.

Themeco are dedicated to making sure customers enjoy excellent value for money, great support, quality products and above all enjoy using X and cornerstone. They now also offer hosting.

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