Cornerstone Landing Page Templates

My name is Pierquinto Manco, like you I build websites with X and I often find myself helping my own customers to improve their development processes and marketing strategies through the use of landing pages. I now have a range of landing page templates which have been very effective in generating new leads and converting sales. I have decided make some of them available to fellow users of Cornerstone and X Theme.

Even better, for members of the FB X Users Group only, I am giving a 50% discount, just use the code XTHEMEUSERS. Please note, the first two templates are only available until December 31st 2016, so if you want those you’ll have to be quick!

I hope you find these templates useful, I enjoyed making them and I look forward to your feedback.



    1. Hi Joshua,
      Thank you for your enquiry. Please follow the ‘buy’ link at the bottom of the post.

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