Creating a real estate agency website is easy with this simple plugin

The Property Hive plugin is often referred to as “The WooCommerce of property sites”, it’s the perfect solution for any developer looking to build an estate agency website, and aims to removes the hassle and headache of integrating property search into your site.

Out-of-the-box the Property Hive plugin comes with standard components so all you have to do is style it to match your sites layout.


Let’s look at some of the benefits of using Property Hive:

  • Integrates with most existing or new, bespoke or off-the-shelf themes
  • Property Hive takes the hassle out of property search
  • The core plugin is free
  • A wide range of add ons available to extend the functionality. Some of these include: importing properties from third parties, exporting properties to the major property portals, map search and much much more.
  • It’s all open-source meaning anyone in the world can contribute to bugs and new features
  • Perfectly suited to developers with a range of WordPress hooks available throughout to make it fully customisable
  • A range of shortcodes
  • One-to-one support and integration services available.
  • Weekly releases containing new functionality.


Does so much more than just store Property details

Not only is Property Hive great at allowing you to store and display properties, it also comes with extra functionality not found in other plugins such as the ability to store contact details of vendors and landlords for individual properties, as well as recording applicant details and their requirements making it easy to match applicants to suitable properties.




Property Hive isn’t a plugin developed by a couple of people locked in a room – it’s built by the world. We believe that the best software is obtained through input and interaction with its users. As such, the entire plugin is open source meaning anyone can view and contribute to the code. Our feature roadmap is also available for anyone to view so you can add suggestions and vote on features you want to see next.



Kindly contributed by Steve – Property Hive


  1. Just wanted to say, this plugin is awesome. We were struggling to find some way to add a Real-time Data Feed (RTDF) for properties from our client’s website directly to Rightmove. The client did not want to continue to pay a monthly fee to a data-feed agent as well as to Rightmove as they were doing the work to feature the properties on their own website anyway.
    At first there seemed no easy way around having to do a lot of custom designing and coding and still needing to use an agent, but then we found Property Hive. From the get go it could not have been easier to add properties to the site with a huge number of customisations and variables plus the live feed. Property Hive works great with X Theme, and the pre sales and after sales support was great too. Highly recommended if you want to add property listings to your site with or without real time feed to other portals.

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