Latte Press

How it Works

Free Consultation

We have different packages depending on your needs and your current skill level with WordPress and XTheme, we also cover other themes as well if you have websites that aren’t using X. Before you pay anything, we offer a free consultation up to 30 minutes where we’ll discuss your project and your needs and see if our services are right for you. This is a no pressure, no obligation consultation over Skype.

Full Training Course for Beginners

The full training will start with a discussion with you about the site you have in mind, once we get an idea of your needs we’ll prepare a lesson and do all required research then schedule a time for a 6 hour call (or two 3 hour calls) to walk you through it and train you on all required aspects.
Cost: $427 $327 (introductory price for first 20 clients)

Technical Siteplan / Consultation for Advanced Users

The technical siteplan works similar to training, however we skip the basics and focus more on the functionality and integrations you’ll need, as well as best practices and plugin recommendations to put together the site you have in mind. We can also answer questions and walk you through any issues you may run into, and do on the phone training and support. We can also consult on hosting and other non-site related technology (CDN, SSL, etc.)
Cost: $50 $40/hour, minimum 3 hours. (introductory rate for first 20 clients).

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