Paginating a post with Cornerstone

One of the most fundamental features of WordPress is paginating a post (breaking a post into sub-pages). You will see many popular blogs doing this, especially sites that do top 10 or top 20 posts. Unfortunately if you are like many others and use CornerStone to design your post layouts, will not be able to to paginate a post.

After a little bit of trial and error I found a simple solution to this problem, but first how do you paginate a post? Honestly, it’s incredibly easy to paginate. Whenever you would like your post to separate into a new sub-pages use the tag


giving you a numeric navigation to each sub-page of your post.

Give that a try in CornerStone and see what happens? That’s right, it doesn’t work. Now if you are using the vanilla post editor there is no problem, but honestly we need it to work with Cornerstone. To do that you will need a plugin called Advanced Post Pagination. Install this plugin, go into the AP Pagination settings panel and setup your layout, style, and even add custom css.


Once your post pagination is setup to your liking follow these steps:

  • edit your post in CornerStone that needs pagination
  • each part of the post will need to be wrapped with a set of shortcodes to paginate them
  • [nextpage title=”…”]..content..[/nextpage]
  • now repeat this for however many pages you would like to break your post into, each shortcode is equal to one sub-page.


[nextpage title=”page 1″]Hello world how are you?[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”page 2″]I am fine, and you?[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”page 3″]Everything is great on my end![/nextpage]

If all has been done correctly you should have your CornerStone styled post paginated.



I should note there is one little caveat attached to this method. For this to work properly you cannot break your post content into separate sections. Your entire post content will need to live inside of 1 single section. There may be a way around that, but currently I have not located it.

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