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Montage Printing

A modern, clean layout for a printing company.

Submitted by: sherissa_r
Category: Business
Stack: Renew

Trainingsgeräte für Zuhause

Everything for the Home-Gym

Submitted by: XAdmin
Category: Training
Stack: Renew

Less Plastic

“Stylish, healthy, eco-friendly reusables for food and drink on-the-go. Perfect for work, school, travel and play. Food tastes better with Less Plastic.”

Submitted by: scotbaston
Category: E-Commerce
Stack: Integrity

E4 Health Inc

E4 Health is a company who offers EAP and Wellness solutions as a part of a benefit for employers. This site was built with a sense of story with the flow. I tried to introduce a reason of need for their services before diving into what the solutions are and how they deliver.

Submitted by: Aaron M
Category: Web Development
Stack: Integrity

Gouttieres Polaire

Gutter Home Renovations website.

Gouttieres Polaire
4704 rue Gaboury
Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Québec
G3A 1E7
418 871-0875
[email protected]

Submitted by: tactikmedia
Category: Business
Stack: Integrity

The Willis Tree

The Willis Tree is a genealogy website – a historical narrative about families and people and the events that affected their lives.  A living account formed by gathering together research and remembrances relating to the history of my family.

It’s a family whose roots lie in the hamlets, towns and villages of East Kent and South Devon. From these small communities, the family has grown and spread across the globe, so there are now descendants living in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Tasmania and the USA.

I am indebted to the many cousins and fellow amateur genealogists who have provided so much of the information and images on this site.

I sincerely hope that the contents herein will help others discover their ancestral roots and rediscover their living relatives.

Submitted by: hopperson
Category: History & Geneology
Stack: Integrity

Notaire Simon Durocher

Notary services

Submitted by: tactikmedia
Category: Business, Notary
Stack: Integrity

337 Media Studios

I just loved to draw and design things with every peripheral I can connect to my computers from Keyboards, Mice, Tablets, Track Pad, and the many various MIDI Controllers I have to make things visually and audible appealing, at least hopefully to someone willing to pay for the work and if that aint happening, Im doing it for myself. Music, Graphics, Animation, 3D, Video and everything else you could possibly see or hear for yourself!

Submitted by: Skettalee
Category: Artist
Stack: Ethos


IT support, managed services, help desk, IT consulting and computer support in Houston

Submitted by: neostead
Category: Computers & IT Support, Consulting
Stack: Integrity

QARTO content translation services

QARTO helps organizations of all sizes better manage and create translated documents and artwork. We provide a range of automated features for managing, translating, collaborating and approving translation projects of any size.

Combining advanced project management with a powerful publishing engine, QARTO allows you to apply and manage language in the same way as any other brand asset.

Submitted by: KEXINO
Category: Business
Stack: Integrity