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Intuitive Education Consultants

Intuitive Education are a professional education consultancy and school management company based in Bahrain and serving clients all over the Middle East region.

Submitted by: gokiwi
Category: Business
Stack: Integrity

Advantage Machine

A strategic marketing consultancy for ambitious business owners.

Submitted by: Dan
Category: Business
Stack: Integrity

Dentagra is a site made by WPUsability for a high-tech company that created an incredible CRM for dental clinics, and they are also a supplier of top quality dental equipment.

Submitted by: Miroslav Meduric
Category: Health & Well Being
Stack: Renew

IN-COM Data Systems

IN-COM Data Systems is the producer and distributor of SMART TS XL™, a powerful code search and analysis technology. SMART TS XL™ helps you perform advanced code search, change impact analysis and program complexity analysis for mainframe and distributed environments.

We went with a clean, crisp design for this site incorporating “hand drawn” look-and-feels throughout with icons that appeared to be sketched. This big data company wanted a site that was “FAST”….so we gave them just that.  Quick performance with just the perfect amount of imagery and color balance came together to produce one of our quickest websites to date. I know they are extremely happy with this new layout and to finally get off of their .NET NUKE platform! Welcome to the modern design age IN-COM!!!

Submitted by: Aaron M
Category: Business
Stack: Integrity

Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited, LLC

Created this very simple website and active blog for a Maryland ice melt supplier. It was more important to launch this start up business quickly and work on backlinks and SEO over the design so it’s quick and to the point. Have seen tremendous SEO results in first 4-6 months for their target keywords.

Submitted by: newskywebsites
Category: Arts & Crafts
Stack: Icon