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BOOBER: On-demand, in-person breastfeeding help. SAME-DAY • HOSPITAL OR HOME

Submitted by: Sierra Verunica
Category: Healthcare
Stack: Integrity

German Shepherd 101

German Shepherd 101 is a hub for all your German Shepherd needs. Whether you are about to buy your first German Shepherd puppy, or have had several German Shepherds during your lifetime, we want to do make your life easier.

Submitted by: thomasholm
Category: Training
Stack: Integrity

Nuera Marketing

Nuera Marketing in Jacksonville, Florida is a modern agency at the forefront of growth advertising and marketing strategies.

Submitted by: Nuera
Category: Arts & Crafts
Stack: Renew

337 Media Studios

I just loved to draw and design things with every peripheral I can connect to my computers from Keyboards, Mice, Tablets, Track Pad, and the many various MIDI Controllers I have to make things visually and audible appealing, at least hopefully to someone willing to pay for the work and if that aint happening, Im doing it for myself. Music, Graphics, Animation, 3D, Video and everything else you could possibly see or hear for yourself!

Submitted by: Skettalee
Category: Artist
Stack: Ethos

Montage Printing

A modern, clean layout for a printing company.

Submitted by: sherissa_r
Category: Business
Stack: Renew


The site is dedicated to a sports club basketball, thanks to the modularity of the themes X was possible to create custom pages with perfect integration of the plugin.

Submitted by: filippo
Category: Arts & Crafts
Stack: Integrity

Zoll & Kranz, LLC

A Toledo, OH mass tort small law firm focusing on product liability. We used the Ethos stack. The target market and persona changes based on litigation so navigation and quick finds are essential. The carousel is a great way to display current investigations. This website is a work in progress and new features are being utilized always. We are looking forward to using the new header and footer options when those are released. I would consider myself a beginner with only a few website builds under my belt. X is by far the most user friendly theme and has allowed me to bring vision to light without advanced coding experience. Any feedback is welcome.

Submitted by: Jana
Category: Professional Services
Stack: Ethos


Personal website built with X and Integrity Stack. Includes various snippets used with X.

Submitted by: neostead
Category: Professional Services
Stack: Integrity

Lumos Digital

We Are Digital Revolutionists

We believe design is an evolution of the imagination, through a work of technologically oriented art produced through creative effort.

Lumos Digital explores revolutionary digital marketing approaches that elevate your brand. We specialize in web design, brand identity and digital strategy.

Submitted by: Lumos
Category: Web Development
Stack: Integrity


GoKiwi is a digital agency based in Bahrain and serving clients all around the globe. We are a bunch of experienced digital enthusiasts, who are keen to share our knowledge to better enable your business, digitally. Our aim is to get you the best possible outcome. That means we don’t take your money and deliver minimal effort. We use all of the tools in our digital arsenal to create, nurture and optimise our services to ensure you get the best results.

Submitted by: gokiwi
Category: Web Development
Stack: Ethos