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SlashdotHack is a training site dedicated to helping new and intermediate web designers and developers learn new skills and techniques. You will be able to find articles on CSS, WordPress, Social Media, Graphic Design, among others. A great resource for up and coming web developers.

Submitted by: Sean Piper
Category: Web Development
Stack: Ethos

Below the Fold

This is my agency website. Simple, but clear. Added options to apply for a quote.

Submitted by: Bart
Category: Web Development
Stack: Renew

Cornerstone Templates

If you’re in need of some design help or you have a web design job that needs a quick
turnaround—you’ve found the right place! Our shop features beautiful templates to use with X Theme and Cornerstone. We carry everything from full page templates to blocks — all at an affordable price.

Submitted by: ashleyswanson427
Category: Web Development
Stack: Icon

David Reid (web design)

Web Sites for Churches and Non-Profits

Built with X-Theme

Submitted by: davidr
Category: Web Development
Stack: Integrity

Hatfield Christian Church

Submitted by: ChrisDeBruyne
Category: Church
Stack: Integrity

The Tavern

Submitted by: Donald McGuinn
Category: Bar, Business
Stack: Renew

Pie Slingers Pizza

Fun site for a North Georgia pizza restaurant.

Submitted by: beckTowery
Category: Business
Stack: Icon

Infiny Photo

For your needs in photography

Submitted by: tactikmedia
Category: Photography
Stack: Integrity

Al B. Fresh

New site for up-and-coming rapper / hiphop artist, Al B. Fresh. Built in Pro with custom headers. Home page has a different header than the rest of the site.
Links to purchase and stream music, embedded music videos, Events custom post type, contact form, etc.

Submitted by: designerkev
Category: Artist
Stack: Icon

Dentagra is a site made by WPUsability for a high-tech company that created an incredible CRM for dental clinics, and they are also a supplier of top quality dental equipment.

Submitted by: Miroslav Meduric
Category: Health & Well Being
Stack: Renew