Custom Template Sites – Fast and Ready to Roll!

After several requests to custom design and build website templates using X and Pro, we have decided to add this as an official service.  

We can help you take your website to a professional level, we’ll custom design, and block-in the pages, sections and elements – all you’ll need to do is finish it up with your own content.

You’ll have your own template page or 5 page site ready-to-use within a week, full custom sites will take longer.  Once you’re happy, we’ll hand the site over to you using whatever method you prefer. Below are some approximate prices to give you an idea of costs. Of course, every site is different, so if you are interested in saving yourself the hassle and time it takes to design and set up your site, get in touch to find out more or price up your own custom website project.

Single Page Setup*


  • Site Setup including Navigation
  • CSS and Styling
  • Base Design you can work to
  • Custom Favicon
  • Social Media Links
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Full Custom Site*

Price On Request

  • Bespoke Site designed and built exactly as you require.
  • All content added and ready to go.
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Other functionality and extras avaiable on request

  • Set up Woo Commerce – $100
  • Set up Image Gallery -$100
  • Set up special Blog Page Layout – $300
  • Set up Special Slider with multiple slides – $275
  • Set up Directory page using Toolset – $350
  • Adding your content – $250
  • Speed Optimisation – $200
  • Extra pages – Price on Request

We can do anything you need, just get in touch and a team member will be in touch as soon as possible. It is helpful if you have in mind the type of  site you have in mind. We can also show you some examples of other sites we have done.

*Terms and Conditions

  • All prices are approximate, final costs will be based on your final brief.
  • A written order is required for each job before any work can commence (e-mail or hard copy).
  • 50% upfront payment before work commences and the remainder on completion and handover of the job.

Charges DO NOT include any supportive work, these will be charged as extra. Work such as:-

  • Creation of any company branding (ie logos)
  • Writing / editing finished copy or ‘starter’ copy (text which is written as a general guideline to intended textual content but requires further improvement for use as final copy).
  • The X or Pro Theme License
  • Any images (or animations) which may need to be created, sourced, or manipulated in Adobe Photoshop (or other specialist software). The cost for this is dependent on various factors including time required, how many images are used, and the final size.
  • Photography or sourcing Stock Library images.
  • Scanning photographs or images
  • Ongoing maintenance or hosting